Synthetic Turf

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Synthetic turf offers big advantages in maintenance costs, durability and player safety compared with natural grass. Our synthetic turf partner, Fieldturf, has been a pioneer in creating artificial turf products that protect your investment and the people who use your field(s).

We install and help maintain these safe, playable synthetic turfs across the USA. Let us help you determine if a synthetic turf field is the right choice for you. No matter your location, contact us to get a competitive bid on synthetic turf installation that meets your needs.

Using synthetic turf, your sports fields will be able to be open for more days of the year, needing no recovery time between events and sports. Our synthetic turf fields are easier to maintain than natural grass, meaning a much smaller required investment over the life of the fields.

football field turf installation

Alex, OK – Stadium Field and Track

Kansas City, KS – Softball Field